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Saw 2 Flesh And Blood Torrent

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Saw II was released in New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom on October 28, 2005; and November 17, 2005 in Australia. The original teaser poster showing two bloody, severed fingers, representing the Roman numeral, II, was rejected by the Motion Picture Association of America.[31] Since the poster was already released and managed to "slip by" the MPAA, they issued a release stating the poster was not approved and was unacceptable; Lionsgate removed the poster from their websites.[32] The image was used instead for the film's soundtrack cover.[33] Lionsgate held the second annual "Give Til It Hurts" blood drive for the Red Cross and collected 10,154 pints of blood.[34][35]

Robert Koehler of Variety wrote, "cooking up new Rube Goldberg torture contraptions isn't enough to get Saw II out of the shadow of its unnerving predecessor".[53] Gregory Kirschling of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B minus, saying "Saw II is just barely a better B flick than Saw" and that both films are "more clever and revolting than they are actually chilling". He praised Bell's performance as Jigsaw, saying "As the droopy-lidded maniac in the flesh, Tobin Bell is, for all the film's gewgaws, Saw II's sturdiest horror, a Terence Stamp look-alike who calls to mind a seedy General Zod lazily overseeing the universe from his evildoer's lair". He ended his review: "Where Saw II lags behind in Saw's novelty, it takes the lead with its smoother landing, which is again primed to blow the movie wide open, but manages a more compelling job of it than the original's cheat finish".[54]

Shortly after his first game, Jigsaw began to use more sinister-looking masks that were made of realistic-looking latex. Usually the mask was topped with long, black, messy hair. Additionally, runlets of blood and pus surrounded the eyeholes and nostrils, which was suggested to be a symbol of guilt. These masks soon became one of his trademarks.

Shells filled with shrapnel were to blame for many of these facial and head wounds, as they were specifically designed to cause maximum damage. Hot flying metal could tear through flesh to create twisted, ragged wounds or even rip faces off entirely.

As for the investigation itself... investigations are very difficult to build in adventures, because what might seem like an obvious train of clues in print when you read it often has a way of becoming indecipherable in play, as the players loose track of clues or get distracted or whatever. When the entire point of an adventure is an investigation, we generally make them more robust and have lots of paths through to the final goal, but for what's essentially a subplot, like Varl Wex, we prefer to set them up relatively simple. If that means your players blaze through it, you should take that opportunity to congratulate them on the fine detective work. Players feel good when they get the idea that they are actually playing the roles of saviors or heroes, and the GM saying "Good job!" is an important and often forgotten aspect of the job. That's the sense I got from Wex, which I appreciated, since it made it easier to use him earlier than the adventure suggests :) He'd definitely be a lot more dangerous for an unprepared group, but I was pretty sure my players would be able to handle the investigation and get the drop on him.I thought the investigation went really well, James. The clues were well designed, and the PCs had a lot of fun picking up on them and following them around the city. I also liked that the investigation helped flesh out the city some more for the players. My players aren't the kind of people who read through the city locations in the Player's Guide, so having an excuse to take them to Vespam Artisans or The Devils Threads and show them the pictures of the NPCs is really helpful.

I considered that after reading the outcome and I suspect that my players may be casually interested in Cassius' relationship with the Marquel and want to support it in spite of all the opposition they may find. Once I know the characters I am dealing with for the campaign, my intent is to flesh a subplot out involving the tensions that become burdens in Kintargo's moment of revolution: Cheliax will immediately command the withdrawal of any loyalist vessels in the harbor pending official treaties, and this includes Cassius. The Marquel's significant holdings are here in Kintargo, and he has invested so much of his art as the Poison Pen defending her virtues, so his reasons for remaining in the city satisfy concerns of both the head and the heart.

1) run part 1) (rescue torrent) and 2) poison pen-PCs level to 52) run level 1 of the lucky bones-PCs level to 63) somehow, get the PCs to stop the dungeon crawl, go back to their home base, and have them get sidetracked by vex. (I guess they'll need some scrolls of water breathing?)4)PCs return to clear out second level of the lucky bones, PCs level to 7.

The cords of death encompassed me; the torrents of destruction assailed me; the cords of Sheol entangled me; the snares of death confronted me. In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.

Later in the journey Bells Hells went with the Gorgynei to Zha'Vrollo, a temple in the Gloomed Jungles where Chetney went through Sahyaadon's trial, in order to improve his control over his lycanthropy. He was transformed into a bigger and more terrifying incarnation of his wolf form, and his friends had to fight him while the gnome tried to regain control. Imogen tried to use her telepathic powers with Chetney, being blocked by Sahyaadon's influence, so she battled him with her magic, being annoyed by the blood hunter's supernatural resistance to magic in that form. The next morning (once the trial had finished) Imogen casted Sending to ask Captain Xandis to come pick them up.


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