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Workspaces 2.1.1

Users with the cluster-admin role who use OpenShift 3.11 may experience the 2.0 version java-eap-maved-based workspaces with TLS and OpenShift OAuth support fail to start after the product server is updated to version 2.1.1. Users are then not permitted to access the old Persistent Volume.

Workspaces 2.1.1

Devfiles contain a set of predefined commands that can be executed in workspaces started using devfiles from the devfile registry. However, when a command defined by a devfile is executed from the workspace, the terminal, in which the commands normally run, does not open.

VMware_bootbank_esx-ui_2.1.1-20188605.vib is still in VMware-ESXi-7.0U3k-21313628-depo as well. They haven't released a new rev to the 2.X ui yet. Still odd the new UI is not mentioned in the patch release notes.

pod gen allows you to keep your Podfile and podspecs as the single source oftruth for pods under development. By generating throw-away workspaces capable ofbuilding, running, and testing a pod, you can focus on library developmentwithout worrying about other code or managing an Xcode project.pod gen works particularly well for monorepo projects, since it is capable ofusing your existing settings when generating the workspace, making each gen'edproject truly a small slice of the larger application.

Fixed an issue with upgrades of Kong Gateway (Enterprise) from v1.5.x to v2.1.x. Before the fix, when admin consumers were shared across multiple workspaces, it was possible for the migration to fail. The upgrade would fail because plugin entities that depend on consumer entities must live in the same workspace as the consumer entity. This fix migrates these plugin entities to the same workspace as the consumer entities. Customers affected by this issue will need to upgrade their v2.1 install to at least v2.1.4.5 before attempting to migrate from v1.5 to v2.1.

Add, or copy and paste, a tag in the C:\EWX\geoserver-2.1.1\data_dir\updater\datasets.xml file for the new dataset.Note: It is convenient to use 'Programmer's Notepad' with this file - control-click the first tag closed and then click it open (without the control key) to open it back up with all other tags closed.

Styles modify the maps being displayed by the EWX server. The GeoServer v.2.1.1, which actually serves the maps, uses the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) markup language to do this. An intro to SLD can be found at:

Data in workspaces can be shared with colleagues. Making workspaces world readable/writable using standard unix access rights is strongly discouraged. It is recommended to use ACL (Access Control Lists).

The compute nodes all are interconnected through the high performance network Omni-Path which offers a very small latency and 100 Gbit/s throughput. The parallel storage for the workspaces is attached via Omni-Path to all cluster nodes. For non-blocking communication 17 islands with 44 nodes and 880 cores each are available. The islands are connected with a blocking factor of 1:11 (or 400 Gbit/s for 44 nodes).

The Regolith Linux ISO was rebuilt as 2.1.1 due to a packaging mistake. The md5sum that may be used to verify the download was incorrect. The 2.1.1 release fixes this by including the correct md5sum file. While the 2.2.1 ISO was freshly built, it includes no package changes over 2.1. 041b061a72


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