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Monster Episode 27 [TOP]

No problem, Andrew. I contacted to the fellow that uploaded the video to YouTube, asking if he had full-length copies of any of these episodes (not just the Anthony Quayle bits). Unfortunately, he says he does not, but he confirms that THE EVIL TOUCH was broadcast regularly in Japan during the 1980s.

Monster Episode 27

Download File:

Curt,Thanks for always updating me on your investigations. It is always good to hear from you and I love your dedication to hunting down everything thing you can about this show. The fact that you were outbid on this episode so quickly is surely proof that there are a lot more die hard fans of the series out there than appears.Cheers,Andrew

The episode starts with a Star Wars recap parody on what happened last season. We then see Megalon in Arizona enjoying his peace and quiet before being attacked by a vengeful Jet Jaguar. Jet explains that he search long and hard (with an innuendo by Megalon) for him to avenge Rodan. Jet asks who the leader of the LESBIANS, but Megalon says he doesn't know, but he mentions "Monster X" and says he may be the leader. Jet says that he will hunt down every monster responsible for his friend's death one-by-one. Megalon defends himself and the bad monsters by saying that they were betrayed by the leader and compliments Rodan for sacrificing himself, calling him a hero. Jet doesn't listen and knocks Megalon into a stream. He then crosses Megalon's name off a kill list containing all the other bad monsters.

SummaryRed falls from a Nether portal right into an academy with a student body composed of monsters, and encounters Herobrine once again (who fortunately fails to recognize him), as well as a classroom of monsters. Despite Red not being a monster, Herobrine nevertheless forces him to attend class. During a series of lessons, Red gets repeatedly sabotaged by his "classmates", first by being tripped by the Spider's web, then hit by the Zombie and Enderman while running, then kicked into a pit by the Skeleton, then getting splashed around by the Creeper, and finally by getting his creations fireballed by the Blaze. Red repeatedly gets an F, and then the final exam arrives, a team-based running game. Red is grouped with the Enderman, Spider, and Skeleton, and runs away trying to get to the portal. However, he has no way to get up, and decides to help his team, rescuing them from being stabbed by Steves. The next trial has Red reverse the Skeleton's bow, which somehow improves the Skeleton's aim, allowing him to shoot down the flying Steves on elytras. In the next, he angers the Enderman with a feather, then quickly moves out of the way so that Steves are hit instead. Finding a large gap between the mountain and a base, Red throws the Spider off a cliff, causing the Spider to web on to the Ghast. After using the other monsters to get to the mountain, Red is teamed up on by them, though is saved by his team and gets to the top by the Spider webbing on to the top. Immediately after this victory, Red enlists the help of his team to get to the portal. He manages to rescue TSC, and, with his team and a Netherite-Block empowered scepter, manages to whack King away. This appears to be the end, but King flies in with two Master Blocks, leading to another cliffhanger.

  • Tropes Adaptational Jerkass: The students are usually mild-mannered to each other (with the exception of Zombieswine in Willcraft's vids. Here, they're outright mean-spirited towards Red, ganging up on him late in the race. Even Endie, who's very much a Nice Guy in the original Monster School shorts, picks on Red a few times both before and early in the final race.

  • Apathetic Teacher: Herobrine doesn't care that Red is being repeatedly bullied and sabotaged; he just gives him the F in each class and and moves on.

  • The Artifact: Alexcrafter's Master Block (the one the Second Coming stole from him) is still glowing white despite King now being in possession of it.

  • The Bully: Despite not being inherently hostile towards him, pretty much every monster was this to Red until his teammates in the final exam had a Jerkass Realization and carried him with them to victory.

  • Big Damn Heroes: Just when King trapped the Second Coming and the Warden and is about to put the Master Block in his staff, Red comes back through the portal with his teammates, who snatch the staff from King and help turn the tides in battle.

  • Continuity Nod: When Herobrine first sees Red, he walks up to him and gives him an intense stare, as if he was about to remember taking over his body once and wreaking havoc across Alan's computer. Fortunately, he couldn't place it and simply insists in Red taking part in his class.

  • Crossover: Red stumbles into the world of the Monster School genre of Minecraft fan works, and specifically the original series created by Willcraft as credited in the video description.

  • Deadly Dodging: To get Endie to defeat the Steves midway into the final exam race, Red tickles him with a feather over and over. This sends him into a rage and he tries to pummel Red for it, but Red ducks out of the way, letting a Steve take the blow instead.

  • Difficult, but Awesome: A netherite-powered magic staff is strong enough to send King flying into the background, but it's extremely heavy, leading to Red collapsing from exhaustion after using it.

  • Had the Silly Thing in Reverse: Inverted. Skellington can't shoot his bow to save his life (literally in the "Sneaking" lesson), just like in Willcraft's videos. When Red discreetly turns his bow so it's facing the other way, however, Skellington suddenly shoots like a pro.

  • Hope Spot: The heroes seem to have won when Red used a Netherite-enhanced staff to send King flying away. Unfortunately, King was able to find the other Master Block.

  • Goomba Springboard: Skellington pulls this on Red in the jumping segment.

  • Ironic Echo: During the sneaking class, after the Skeleton fails the lesson the Blaze proceeds to pass it easily, giving Skeleton a condescending nod passing it by. Much later, during the Yellow Team's ascent to the finish line in the finals, Skeleton nods back at the defeated Blaze while passing by.

  • Irony: Red is the one to get sent to a world where Herobrine is the teacher. And everyone who's been around since vs. Minecraft knows what happened with Red and Herobrine...

  • Skeletons and Endermen are pretty frustrating to deal with, especially the latter. The problem here is that Skellington has a bad aim (just like in Willcraft's series) and Endie spends more time trying to be scary than actually hitting the enemy.

  • Spiders are normally Adaptational Badasses in the AVM series, but the one on Red's team (implied to be Spider from Willcraft's videos) initially didn't know he could use his silk as a mobility boost.

  • I Will Only Slow You Down: Red, in the midst of getting the stuffing beat out of him by every other monster, gestures for his team to go to the finish line on their own. They almost take him up on that, before deciding to go back and save him after all.

  • Made of Indestructium: Not even the Warden can break through Netherite blocks. Subverted when King is slammed against these blocks.

  • Misfit Mobilization Moment: Red eventually manages to help his team (Skellington, Endie, and Spider) resolve their issues, allowing them to win the race.

  • Mythology Gag: Just like in Willcraft's Monster School videos, Skellington is shown to be incompetent with a bow until Red turns it so it's facing the other way. A Freeze-Frame Bonus shortly after the "Cooking" lesson also shows that he got an A+ in it, referencing his amazing cooking skills in Willcraft's shorts.

  • Just like in the original videos, Ghist seems to be good at not being noticed when hiding despite her large size, as she hides behind a tree during the "Sneaking" lesson, leaving the Steve Herobrine created unconvinced and deflects her fireball without even looking.

  • Herobrine transitions out of the classroom using a purposely low-quality shrinking of his sprite, a direct nod to the cheap animation that shows up sometimes in Willcraft's videos.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: The expressions of all hostile mobs do not change throughout the AVM series. So it's telling that after the blaze (implied to be Blaise from Willcraft's videos) shows up Skellington during the "Sneaking" lesson, the skeleton sports a visible frown as she passes him by.

  • Post-Victory Collapse: Red has one after using the Netherite-powered staff to blast King away to kingdom come.

  • Reverse Grip: For some reason, Red and Skellington discover the latter is way more efficient shooting with his bow pointing backwards. From there, Skellington becomes a Master Archer with his reverse-gripped bow.

  • Shout-Out: Enderman teleporting all over the Sneaking class, and then getting his cover blown at point-blank range, brings to mind the Spy from Team Service Announcement.

  • The episode is a partial plot reference to Mulan: Three struggling students bully a newcomer until the latter proves themself worthy and eventually earning their former bullies' respect. The scene with the monsters and Red hopping across the tops of poles only further cements the reference, with Mulan and her class having done the same thing.

  • Sink or Swim Mentor: More like a "sink or web" mentor, when Red throws Spider into the lake, hoping he learns what to do from there with his webbing (which he fortunately does).

  • Stealth Hi/Bye: After winning, Red convinces his team to sneak out of class with him to confront King in the Nether. To get away, Endie grabs everyone and teleports away, and when Herobrine realizes that they're gone, it's too late for him to do anything about it.

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Endie, Skellington and Spider aren't too thrilled about being teamed up with Red and only work with him out of necessity for the final exam. It's not after much of Red's assistance that they eventually decide to help him out.

  • Throw the Dog a Bone: After spending nearly the whole episode being bullied by the other monsters, culminating in most of them beating him up, Red's team has a Jerkass Realization and pulls Red out of danger, having accepted him as a valuable member of their team. They even agree to sneak out of class with him to confront King in the Nether.

  • A Twinkle in the Sky: King gets a taste of this after Red slams him in the chin with his own Netherite-powered staff. Subverted in that King immediately returns due to the power of the Master Block.

  • Underdogs Never Lose: Ignoring Red's straight Fs being the result of sabotage, the rest of the team he's grouped with tended to get the lowest grade in the classes, ranging from C tops to D- (with the exception of Skellington getting an A+ in Cooking, not that that helps in the Final Exam). With some nudging from Red on how to best use their abilities, they manage to clutch the win anyway.

  • Vertical Kidnapping: The cave spider (implied to be Cavell from Willcraft's vids) employs this during the "Sneaking" lesson.

  • Weaponized Teleportation: Endie proves himself a vital ally with his teleporting skill, especially during the throwdown with King, usually by way of teleporting the Warden in front of him.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Endie is understandably furious with Red when the latter throws Spider off a platform during the final race. His anger is dispelled when it's shown that Spider used his silk to grab onto Ghist stop his fall, and it's by swinging from the silk that allows Red's team to catch up.



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