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Retro Gadgets

Feel the exhilaration of building your own eye-popping real-working gadgets. Lose yourself as you build, solder, code, customise, and play with electrifying gadgets at your relaxing workbench. Build video game consoles, weather machines, lightboards, radios, drum machines... any gadget you can think of. What will you come up with next?

Retro Gadgets


Retro Gadgets gives you the power to invent! Solder circuit boards, add buttons and switches, speakers and lights, connect and code CPUs, audio and video chips, flick the on button and see your gadget come to life. You have the vision, you can build the gadgets!

Make your gadgets feel truly personal. Connect boards to make new shapes. Spray components with different colours. Design and use stencils to create unique designs. Draw, print, and apply your own stickers. Or upload a logo for that more professional touch!

Big Chill specializes in retro-style appliances, and this range has all the modern conveniences, including true convection and a Power Booster function that'll boil a gallon of water in under 5 minutes. Buy it at Big Chill.

Kodak isn't alone as now more than ever, consumers seem to be looking toward retro tech. One national movie theater chain is even renting VHS videos. Who knows -- maybe smartphone-assisted 18th-century chandeliers are just around the corner.

Hello and welcome to Christmas. To celebrate how forward-thinking we are now, I'm bringing you the most backward-looking items I could find. My five favourite gadgets that hark back to the ancient times of pre-gadgetry. Say hello to the badass new face of the good old days.

Have we discussed camping? If not, listen up, I know about these things. Camping is just wrong on every level. These are the hazards: chemical loos, mosquitoes, burnt food, bad lighting, board games, the shovel of shame, no sofa, no straighteners, no bath, hard to bring your guinea pigs, permanent tidying up, yesterday's pants, day-before-yesterday's pants, nits, folk music and damp clothing. If you do have to do it (you don't have to do it), you can at least do it in a tent that looks like a charming retro camper van - it won't provide you with a dishwasher or a good night's kip, but it does look adorable and sleeps four masochists.

Breadbox is a realistic retro computer simulator. Experience the amazing machines from 70's and 80's in a visual environment. Interact with hardware and old media as if it were real. Add emulator and test your programming skills with Basic or 8-bit machine language.

Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. Hack Grid is a retro puzzle game that will test your wits as it brings you back in time. Move the pieces around until only one remains. Re-live the days of DOS gaming.

Retro Gadgets game is no less than a paradise for those who love gadgets or who like to build or repair different gadgets because in Retro Gadgets players have to invent new gadgets and those invented gadgets have to be shared with the world so that people can make their life easy by using those gadgets.

The process of creating new gadgets and sharing them with people is a bit long and difficult because during this process players have to do many such tasks which are challenging to do such as displaying the camera input on the screen.

Play vinyl on the go with the Global Gizmos Retro Portable Briefcase Turntable. This standalone record player features a retro look with modern touches. Complete with built-in speakers, this retro gadget comes with three playing speeds. Likewise, it can play 33rpm, 45rpm, and 78rpm. Aside from playing vinyl, the turntable also offers full Bluetooth connectivity to play your other music. Similarly, you can easily play your favorite Spotify playlists through the speakers. You can even transfer your records to mp3 using the included USB cable.

Enjoy classic games on a retro-looking device with the R-Kaid-R Wooden Portable Game System. Made from solid wood, the folding console allows you to play your favorite classics such as Asteroids and Pac Man. In fact, it can store more than 10,000 emulated games. Just add the games you want via USB to make your very own game library. Additionally, the portable game system offers more than five hours of gaming per charge.

In the game/simulator you get to make, code, and customize 80s and 90s style gadgets, then share them with the world. Already the playable demo has realised portable consoles, MP3 players, and even 3D printing tools.

Creating gadgets with a tactile interface (you can press buttons, flick switches, twist dials, move joysticks and interact in any way you like), Retro Gadgets also lets you drag the creation beyond the software and let you run it on your PC desktop, with a Windows widget-like purpose envisaged for future updates.

Doubling up as an educational tool, Retro Gadgets lets players create their gadgets with full support for Lua code, including a documented editor. This enables gadgets to come to life, from video game consoles to live weather stations and calculators. Once built, creators can use their gadgets on their desktops while running Retro Gadgets. In the future, players and designers will be able to export their projects and use them individually as widgets on their Windows computers. Make a tool you need for your daily workflow in Retro Gadgets and export it for your personal use.

During Steam Next Fest, more than 30,000 players downloaded Retro Gadgets, making it the 15th most popular demo of the event. Creations such as a Tamagotchi-inspired gadget, a Game Boy-inspired retro portable console, a 3D viewer and even a code encryption device were created! 041b061a72


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