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Emil Fedotov
Emil Fedotov

Resident Evil 6 Save Editor-MisTer N [UPDATED]

in the oasis, ethan and company find out what happened to heisenberg's men and one of them questions them if they saw a quagmire. they are then contacted by chris, who wishes them to meet him topside, as he finishes planting explosives. upon reaching the top, the two find out that the video signal was intercepted and is running a live feed to miranda, who is busy conversing with her favorite slave, the dark one, welcoming him to the nest, and discussing the status of their project. with a flashlight in hand, ethan realizes that miranda has possession of all four flasks while chris starts to evacuate the building. on his way down, ethan sees a molded eveline, who wants to talk. having no choice, he talks to her as miranda listens.

resident evil 6 save editor-MisTer N

in the library, ethan notices the tapes with claudia's voice and the radio station, saying that nobody was allowed to go up there. he checks inside the radio station and finds out that claudia is dead and there is nobody inside. in order to rescue claudia's camera, ethan finds the path on the tape and it leads him to the hallway containing the four flasks. despite the dark one's protests, ethan immediately breaks the flasks and has claudia's camera. after the three of them escape the library, the dark one grabs ethan's leg and complains that he had waited long for the challenge of his second mission and now they run away. in order to settle down he challenges the dark one and orders him not to interrupt him. the dark one then questions ethan about his past and the reason for his hatred towards him. although ethan is a bit reluctant to discuss it, the dark one insists that he had always watched ethan's group through his belongings since he was a child and he is no stranger to death. the dark one then tells him that he wants to know why claudia suddenly stopped his mission to kill ethan. he has suspicions that claudia will betray ethan and tries to use ethan's confession to manipulate him. the dark one then notices that the tapes contain information about his past in another dimension.


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