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[S5E6] Don't Dream It's Over

Another episode of "Awkward" Season 5 has gone by and of course, it's nothing short of awkward scenes. The sixth episode titled "Don't Dream It's Over" featured how Jenna faced and confronted her exes. Luckily, it was all in a dream or else it would have been way too uncomfortable and not to mention, awkward.

[S5E6] Don't Dream It's Over

Tori's surgical team explains to her family that they want to take out all of her abdominal organs. They'll put the organs on ice and while they resect the tumor, and then use synthetic grafts to reconnect the vessels to put the organs back in. Richard admits it's never been done before, so there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Bailey says they don't have time for another round of chemo. This is their only shot. The family consents.

Richard meets up with Tori's dad. Richard says they're resecting the tumor right now, which he should be helping with. Richard says the most important thing is that the doctors are focused on Tori, and interruptions don't help with that. Randy apologizes. They have been to a lot of hospitals and they are not easy places to get information. A lot of times, it's impossible to get to talk to a doctor. He doesn't know if that's neglect or their egos getting in the way, but he doesn't care. They're just trying to take care of Tori and doing whatever they can. Richard tells him to not ever stop taking care of Tori like that.

At the party, Blair and Louis arrive and he is surprised that her game is still going on but she assures him it will be okay. Penelope and Jessica look around for Nate before seeing him with Charlie and they announce game on. Chuck introduces himself to Diana and greets Louis when he sees him, to which Blair blows him off and walks away with Louis. Dan arrives at the party and greets Jane, who is surprised to see him but plays it cool. Serena shows up and Jane asks her if she already told Dan about Sorkin, and she replies that she has not. Dan is excited and leaves to call his agent. Jane tells Serena she knows what she is trying to do and won't be able to guilt trip her into changing the main character that she proposed. Serena says she just wants her to get to know the real Dan, and Jane replies that Zuckerberg is the better story and better movie. She then takes Serena off the project because she's too close to it. Jessica is trying to flirt with Nate, but Charlie quickly ends it by pulling the bow on Jessica's dress causing it to slip way down and she runs off to fix the wardrobe malfunction, disqualifying her. Blair witnesses the scene and is impressed. Meanwhile, Serena is at the bar alone where she is approached by Diana. Serena explains to Diana about the book option problem and Dan, and Diana tells Serena she can make her problem go away. She and Jane have a mysterious history that Jane does not always like to be reminded of, and Diana goes off to talk to her and solve Serena's problem. Penelope tells Charlie that anyone can see Nate has a huge crush on her, and Charlie sets up Penelope by telling her Nate said she was the hottest girl at Constance and he wishes they had hooked up. Penelope goes up to Nate and tries to kiss him, but ends up in the arms of a busboy. Blair sees and dismisses her, leaving Charlie the only contestant. Dan catches up with Jane on her way out of the party, where she informs him that the movie is dead and if he wants to know why, to ask Serena. Diana calls for a toast to thank everyone for coming to the party. During the speech, Charlie kisses Nate and Diana sees. So does Blair, and she raises a glass to Charlie, insinuating that she won. Chuck comes forward and announces he has a story The Spectator can cover. He announces that his therapist, Dr. Barnes, used hypnosis to make him perform unspeakable acts. She comes forward and says it is not true and that Chuck is in a very vulnerable state. He replies that it's because he found out she was taking money to reveal confidential information. Blair steps in and demands to know why he is doing this, and Chuck says that if she really wants to know, she should ask Louis; who by now is starting to look guilty.

Next up, it's time to discuss that bundle of cash found in Hastings' hotel room. Forensic analysis detected pollen deposits linking the 50 notes to the cash recovered from Vihan Malhotra (Maneet's gambling addicted cousin) and PS Jane Cafferty (the corrupt AFO from the episode one raid). It clearly all came from the same pot.

"He grew up over there. When his mum died he was took in by his auntie," she tells them. "John never said much. To be honest, I don't know how much he ever knew. He was only a kid when it all happened, about nine or ten. Story was Anne-Marie was helping the police and then the police betrayed her. They're on she was an informant, and that's why she got killed."

The two begin to study the game, and what it does to the brain. The highest concentration of activity is in the pleasure center of the brain, a key component in the game: it's addictive. Another unusual reading comes from the prefrontal cortex, which handles reasoning. Wesley concludes he needs to inform the captain about this discovery.

We don't see Jon Snow this episode either, but it's worth noting that Tyrion speaks of this betrayal now, just as Jon himself has taken on the mantle of Lord Commander, just as his own men begin to question his leadership.

Rachel and Raylan finally get on that elevator and she tells him that she's going down to Harlan with him rather than "count bullets," and watch him kick Danny Crowe's ass. Raylan resignedly agrees, "Fine. You can drive." Dewey is about to sell his $1,000 above-ground pool to Edwin for $800 when the prospective buyer notices the patching job Dewey had attempted after Raylan had shot up the pool. When the revised offer is only $20, Dewey flies into a rage and shouting, "I ain't giving up on my dream," violently chases the man away. Just then Danny exits the rear of Audrey's with the now unconscious unruly patron over his shoulder and deposits him in the the bed of a pickup truck. He notices an uncommonly pensive Dewey and asks his cousin what's on his mind. Dewey's quietly steamed that his less-than-ambitious life plan has come asunder, and suggests that he and Danny kidnap Boyd for that six-figure paycheck which has eluded the Crowes since they arrived in Harlan. And the ancillary effect for Dewey is that it would get his cousins out of town. Danny thinks Dewey's a "genius."

Scully tells her mother that a PCR test, which has a 60 percent accuracy rate, suggests that Emily and Melissa's DNA match (a more comprehensive test will be available in several days). This, and the undeniable physical resemblance between the pair, leads Scully to conclude that Emily is Melissa's daughter. She reminds her mother about a period in 1994 when Melissa's whereabouts were unknown... and speculates that she could have given Emily up for adoption. Later, Scully experiences another dream, during which Mrs. Scully gives her the crucifix she wears around her neck. When Scully awakens, Detective Kresge informs her about large bank deposits made by Marshall over the previous 18 months. The money came from a pharmaceutical company called Prangen Industries. Scully and Kresge interview Dr. Ernest Calderon, who works for the company. He explains that Emily was participating in a clinical trial. When Roberta tried to pull her daughter from the program, the company agreed to send her money as a gesture of good will. Calderon also reveals he prescribed Sumatriptan injections for Marshall after he complained of migraines. Later, Marshall is arrested for his wife's murder. As a result, Emily is placed in the care of Social Services. Before Emily is driven away, Scully places her gold cross around the girl's neck.

Oh. Yes, Detox. Yes. No complacency this week: tip to toe, it's for the gods. (Also: that is some expert-level tucking, right? I thought I understood how tucks worked, but clearly Detox has secrets I don't know.)

Still, the win itself is what matters, and I'm happy for her; it's an overdue win for a talented queen. After the other queens are declared safe, it's a battle of the wacko bodysuits. Coco and Jade are so excited, and they just can't hide it! I absolutely love lip synchs in front of the original artists--remember DiDa's spectacular turn of "This Will Be" in front of Natalie Cole?--and Coco and Jade both leave it all the runway. It's a great lip synch, but ultimately, Coco takes her second strike and rejoins the girls, while Jade sashays.

Reeling from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks, Harvey is forced to make a tough personal decision in a case that touches a nerve. Meanwhile, Mike and Louis have taken over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client, and must decide what to do when that client's demands go against his own best interests. And Donna tries to work her magic to make Rachel's dream wedding possible.

Natalie tries to distract Monk by asking him to show her his dorm room. Though they are unable to enter (noticing a tie on the doorknob, an obvious code for "don't come in, I'm having sex"), Monk notices an old friend in the student lounge: the fridge he defrosted every weekend, and sure enough, it's frosted over completely.

"When the $1 million came off the board, it's like my game plan was, 'I don't know what to do anymore. This isn't what I planned for.' You've got to remember," he says, as a contestant, you're "going into it thinking, 'What would I do with a $1 million?' You're always thinking best case scenario."

And while "life has ups and downs," Green adds, "I consider 'Deal or No Deal' an 'up.' The outcome wasn't the way I dreamt or envisioned, but if I had to do it all over again and they said, 'You're only going to win $5,' I would." 041b061a72


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